$99 Test Drive – An Introductory Treatment




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What is involved in the $99 intro?

  • It is a 45-minute appointment
  • 20 minutes is the actual treatment time and then time to measure you pre and post and discuss your personal needs
  • We will work on your stomach area, which will include the 4 groups of abdominal muscles
  • The therapist and equipment will do the work, you just lay down and relax
  • We will place high performance electrodes to the abs, which allows the current from the system to travel to the muscles. Click here to see
  • By contracting the muscles at a very high rate of 35/second, it creates Lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fatty tissue
  • It is all safely passed through the lymphatic system and excretes through fluids
  • We wont only reduce down your circumference in this 20-minute period but we will shift stagnated fluids and begin to tighten and tone the area
  • We will measure you pre-and post and the average Centimetre drop ranges from 4-10cms
  • We will discuss your current lifestyle and what you are hoping to achieve and assess whether we can assist you from there
  • There is ZERO obligation on you to continue but at least you will experience the phenomenon called ‘BodyOlogy
  • Please rest assured that all of our equipment is registered with the Australian Governments TGA Department as Class 1 Medical – ARTG, (263152)
  • There are no side effects, pain or downtime

Some of the benefits of our treatments;

  • Constant reduction in CMS
  • Tightening and toning of the skin
  • Muscles will begin to Harden
  • Fluids will shift that would have turned to fat eventually
  • Metabolism will get a wakeup call
  • ATP – energy will increase
  • The more lean muscle in your body, the harder the body works, meaning you burn more calories by not changing your diet (we promote healthy nutrition and get moving, so what we achieve, can be maintained)
  • Sleeping patterns stabilise
  • Cravings reduce
  • Skin feels smoother with the increase of collagen and elastin

It is a 45-minute session which includes a full treatment. We only work on the stomach area for this intro and we will measure you before and after so that you will see the result for yourself! Not only will you see it, you will feel it.